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    We offer a wide range of services

    Otterdale Mill Bookkeeping offers the following services and more:

    Monthly Financial

    Otterdale Mill can help you understand your Balance Sheet, Income Statement (P&L), and Statement of Cash Flows — each day and every month.

    calculatorBank Reconciliations

    We will review every transaction during the month to make sure everything is classified correctly. Otterdale Mill can also reconcile your bank and credit card accounts — resulting in meaningful financials at the end of every month.

    Accounts Payable

    We can set up automated bill paying systems — so that you can spend your time running your business.

    Accounts Receivable

    Otterdale Mill can create an effective Accounts Receivable process that will optimize your cash flow — resulting in quicker payments, improved collection rates, and faster processing of invoices.

    Prior Period
    Clean Up

    Contact Otterdale Mill to get a health checkup for your financials. We can help review your current books and can clean them up so you can move forward with healthy financials.


    Your payroll must be processed correctly — EVERY time. We will help ensure that your employees, local and state governments are satisfied.

    1099 icon1099 Filings

    The IRS is cracking down on IRS filings, and Otterdale Mill can help you identify which vendors, subcontractors and consultants should be receiving 1099s — and we can file them for you.

    laptop iconQuickBooks Online Training

    We can help you navigate QuickBooks, leading to a more efficient and cost effective way to manage your bookkeeping and accounting services.

    handshake iconQuickBooks Online Consulting

    We can provide hands-on help with any particular area or transaction in QuickBooks.

    ledger iconDay-to-day Financial Operations

    We know you want to spend your valuable time doing what you do best — running your business. We can be your complete bookkeeping resource.

    “We have found that Lucy provides a solid price/value relationship.”

    — B.K., Timonium

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